Beginning Updates

First, I want to give two thumbs up to Bess Dodson Walt Branch library. I decided to do my blogging and bulletin work here today, and I must say, I am impressed with this library. I haven’t roamed the aisles of books yet because I’m afraid to lose myself reading the previews or even a chapter, but before I leave today, I will definitely get a chance to do that. Those living in Lincoln, Nebraska, please give this location a check!

This week I tried to apply my lifestyle changes and so far, there have been some good points and some I may have to tweak. To start, I’ve gotten a better use for my bullet journal. Since I don’t use my bullet journal as a “planner” and more as a journal/diary, it would be better for me to track my progress and my thoughts on my progress in it than in a goal journal. At first I was going to use the Inkwell Press Daily Fitness Log and Food Tracker Planner to jumpstart the 12 week lifestyle change, but I didn’t enjoy the fact that it was very constraining in terms of what I could log, especially for the fitness log section. I’m not that much experienced when it comes to weights and reps and sets, nor is it even close to what I’m trying to do for now. I did not feel I could be as productive with it so I turned to my bullet journal instead. I started with writing my goals (which is what I shared in my previous entry), created a weekly schedule that I was going to try, a list for me to track daily, and the journaling sections, which is what I have been doing before. I will go a little bit more on my set up on a future post once I’ve started feeling comfortable with the ones I’m using.

I have to admit that I’m a little bit of an over achiever and I planned to do two work-out sessions almost every single day. And I’m sure maybe in the future I would be able to do it, but right after Tuesday’s FIT Interval group workout, I was craving “REST DAY! REST DAY!” I stretched, warmed up, and did my best to not over do it, but the next day, I just could not muster enough energy to get out in the blazing hot weather to bike to the gym. I faithfully went today (Thursday) and I’m glad I did because I wasn’t as confused as I was on Tuesday. I am interacting with people, which is something I don’t normally enjoy doing at the gym, and to be honest, I’m liking it!

I have been very watchful with my food and water intake. Since I’m a terrible portion-er, I measure food and water based on the items I use to eat and/or drink them off from. I’m trying to use smaller plates or bowls for my meals and the biggest water bottle I have and trying to drink two of those every day. I’ve been getting the munchies like no tomorrow since I feel hunger a lot deeper from being active. My go to snacks are plain apples and rice crackers with peanut butter, and if those do not fill me up, hello water my old friend!

I’m not going to lie. Making lifestyle changes is not easy, especially at the start. I’ve watched many food documentaries where people go on diets or start a work out regiment and the first week, they are exhausted, at an all time low, or second guessing their decision to start. People have many different reasons as to why they are doing what they’re doing, and I hear that most people do not stick to it because their goals are too shallow or they’re doing it for the wrong reason and not for themselves. If you ask me what my reason is, there is an underlying factor that yes, I’d like to lose the weight that I have gained over this past 6 years of when my “official adulting” started – which was college graduation. I believe that weight loss is one of the results of what one’s true goal really is. So what is my goal then you ask?

To live a full life and serve God with everything I have.

I suppose this is also my life mission, but I truly believe that this is where it all goes down to. In order for me to live a full life, I want to be able to have my body in a comfortable place where I’m not dying of breathlessness because I was not mindful of the things that I ate nor took time to train my muscles properly. I could still live a full life and serve God  with in my current, and I know I can do more if I made small changes in my life that could help maximize the experiences I can get from life.

Somehow I’m finding it a little cheesy writing my goal down! But I truly feel that you are driven by your own purpose. For me, my purpose is to live for God and this is part of my health journey is where I start. I hope to share more of my experience with you as I go along. I hope and pray that if you are just beginning your journey or are in the middle that you don’t give up and give it your all. You will not regret it!