My Top Five Interests . . . Currently.

I have been described by many of my friends, family, and colleagues that I have many interests – and they’re right. There are many things that intrigue me, fascinate me. Maybe it helps that I’m always curious to learn about a new idea, or the fact that “Learner” is my one of my Top Five strengths from the Strengths Quest. I have many interests because I love to learn, and so to start of, here are my current top five interests today – this many change tomorrow, so be aware!

  1. Japan. I have a feeling that my current interests will fall into this category, but it’s really not a mystery to me because there is so much from Japan’s culture to explore. From Murasaki Shikibu’s Tale of Genji to the current fad of live-action Anime plays, they all grab my attention. It is difficult to chose just one particular area within this rich culture, so I decided to embrace learning about it! One of the ways I learn about Japan is through watching “Begin Japanology” on YouTube. It’s very educational and their host, Peter Barakan, does an excellent job bringing you into the Japanese world.
  2. Haikyuu! I’ll be honest – I’m not a sporty person at all. I am usually the person at the end of the hiking trail, heaving and gasping for breath while every one is a mile or two in front of me. So does it shock you that I have Haikyuu! as one of my favorites? Haikyuu! is a manga (Japanese comics)/anime that revolves around a boys’ high school volleyball team that is looking for redemption in the game and they are all willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top. If the funny dialogues, dynamic characters, or the catchy opening and closing theme songs don’t hook you, I hope the “fight” scenes will! (Okay, maybe not fight scenes, but have you ever imagined what goes on the spiker’s mind when he is going for that ball and there’s a wall of blockers in front of him? Yeah, I thought so!)
  3. Productivity. And who doesn’t? Because of my job, I am always looking for ways on how to be productive and how to reach your goals. As an academic and life coach, you need to have a few options, depending on the person that you are working with. Currently, I’m following Tonya Dalton’s “Productivity Paradox” podcast. She has great step-by-step instructions on how to achieve your goals, provides resources and tools, and personally, I like her methods and the way she explains them.
  4. Instant Pot. This product is apparently the current craze among moms, wives, and cooking bloggers last year, and I’m finally jumping on the Instant Pot wagon! I am a complete newbie with it, but that’s what makes it exciting! I get to try new recipes and it does make kitchen life so much more convenient. My first successful cooking claim has to be cooking brown rice! The recipe I tried is from Rebooted Mom, and I will definitely be using it all over again when the time for brown rice is needed once more!
  5. Swimming. My husband, Kenny, and I recently joined a gym, and we’re trying to make a habit of visiting it as regularly as possible. Swimming is my main form of workout. It works well with my weight, prevents my asthma from coming up, and I personally feel a good workout from it every time I leave the gym. I wish I could say that there’s something about swimming that I’m working towards, like a triathlon or contest or something. However, I don’t. I enjoy swimming because I have always liked the water, and right now, I’m looking at ways I can do to improve my pool time. My current obsession relating to swimming has to be my swimming cap! Yes, it makes all the difference for me since I no longer have to show up at work smelling like a pool for the rest of the day!

There you have it! My currently top five interests. I tried to be very generous with my choices too, otherwise I would probably have three items there that sound too alike! I hope to share more about my interests and even expound on these in my future posts. Until then . . .

Thank you for stopping by, friend! I’ll see you soon!