See you next year, spring break.

I work for a college and one of the privilege of working for an educational institution is getting breaks just like the students. I look forward to this breaks just as much as the students do because the stress that builds up within the school year can be quite overwhelming. Mind you, I love my job and I love what I do. However, as an introvert, working and constant interaction with people is very draining. I’d like to say that the weekends gave me enough time to energize but I would be lying because I have commitments with church, music groups, and friends. Not to mention, being a wife alone keeps me on my feet all the time.

Spring break has come and gone and I ponder upon the highlights of my break, hopefully to give me some spirit to finish the rest of the school year strong:

  • Started this blog. Hooray!
  • Figured the lining for the church bulletin to finally align. Still need to figure out the PDF download process though.
  • Finished KH 2.8!
  • Watched “Logan” and “The Shack”.
  • Worked out for 5 days in a row! Yay!
  • Took some students shopping.
  • URB-E-ed around downtown.

The list is short, but I’m proud of my few accomplishments this week. As much as I wish that I had done more, I’m just relieved that I got a week filled withed many opportunities to rest. Here’s to for the rest of the school semester! Bracing myself for the long stretch.

Thanks for stopping by, friend! I’ll see you soon.


Who Is Me?

Hello friend!

Like many other blogs that have come and gone before me, this first post must be one of the reasons why people like you read this post: to get to know what this blog is about! Well fear not! This post is the brief overview of its content, future upbringings, and yours truly, the author!

First, I’d like to thank you for stopping by. My name is Kian. It’s my nickname and, yes, I have decided to finally go for what I’m known for because the hidden agenda in hiding names is too much for me as of now. So for now, I’ll be sticking with Kian! I am Filipino, living in the lovely Cornhusker state, Lincoln, Nebraska. Right now, I am 28 years old, living and loving my simple life with my best friend and husband, Kenny, and our fur-kids, a fat striped tabby named Boba, and a small black kitten named Ninja. This blog will tell you about my personal and small family’s adventures in the Midwest.

Along with my life stories, there are three other areas that I wanted to share with the world: my interests (and I’ve got a lot!), advice, tips and stories towards success, and a heart-to-heart journal on current events, issues, and/or struggles that all of us humans go through. I realized that this blog is not just going to a lifestyle-type of blog, but a combination of many of my passions.

And lastly, the question everyone is probably curious about, why do I blog? Honestly, there is the hope that one day this blog will generate some income, right? I see blog income as one of the many results this blog may pull, but my desire to start a blog is simply to have a form of creative outlet to share my life and thoughts with those of you out there who are curious about what life is like for an Asian immigrant in Lincoln Nebraska. And this is what this blog is about! My life, my adventures, my journey.

Thanks for stopping by, friend! I’ll see you soon!