About Me

Hi! I’m Kian. I live in Lincoln Nebraska with my husband, Kenny, and our two cats, Boba and Ninja. I am a TCK or TCA (Third Culture Kid or Third Culture Adult) and traveled a lot as child. My journey currently is in the midwest, working for a college as program coordinator and an academic and life coach. I love working with people and I love to learn – so I guess, my setting is just right!

I have many passions, one in which is writing. I figured that I would share my passions, life stories, and personal journey with others through this creative outlet. From my childhood memories to current wonderings, from not liking school to encourage others to learn, from small dreams to big goals – this is my life! And I’d like to share it with others.

I hope you’ll share my journey through this blog. Thanks for stopping by, friend! I’ll see you soon!

Ninja (Black Domestic Short Hair); Boba (Striped Tabby)